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How to Turn an Idle Fireplace Into a Decor Showstopper

By Nina Molina

Artful and inventive ways to make the most of a nonworking-or summering-hearth, courtesy of desian bros

WHAT TO DO with a fireplace that’s purely decorative or is sitting idle in the off season? It’s unfortunately place to house a cliche-birch logs, five fat candles, that inane books-turned-bindings-in trick Jesse carrier, Or New York’s Carrier and company, is more optimistic! “The fireplace is an architectural focal point in a room. a wonderful stage to set with accessories and mementos that tell your story.” He and other interior designers shared fresh ideas for sparking a room’s black hole. whether a fireplace that doesn’t work at all or one that’s just enjoying the summer off.

Chandos Infused - Fireplace

In the home studio of a Houston artist, designer Chandos Dodson Epley chose geometric fireplace accessories that suited the monolithic limestone surround and the modern aesthetic of the room.