Chandos Collective

Anchored in authenticity, our homes reflect thoughtfulness through visionary planning, intricate design, garnering the best materials and significant art to tell a clients’ unique story.

Chandos Expression - Bar Lounge

A Design Evolution

Chandos Interiors has expanded to become Chandos Collective. After decades spent perfecting the design process and empowering talent, Chandos Interiors has expanded to become Chandos Collective based in Houston, TX. This natural evolution steps beyond interior residential design and architecture, and expands services into art consulting, custom furnishings, and home development.

Driven by entrepreneurship and design, Chandos Collective represents a meeting of the minds. A true Creative Director, Chandos has the rare ability to see the big picture yet execute every exacting detail with impeccable craftsmanship, grounded in discipline and steered with transparency.

Bespoke Craftsmanship

Celebrating bespoke design and craftsmanship is core to the Chandos Collective design ethos, working with artisans to bring clients the pinnacle of luxury: one-to-one design. From custom millwork to hand-painted wall coverings, each detail is handled with a beautiful reverence for the past. At Chandos Collective, we create homes that are grounded in the thoughtful and authentic details of the past, built for the needs of families today and designed to be relevant for our clients for decades to come.

Chandos Expression - Front Door Entry
Chandos Slider Collective

Art Experience

Art, and the character and history it brings, is the anchor in any Chandos Collective designed space, setting the tone for the residence. As the founder of C2 Art Advisors, a luxury Art Advisory firm serving some of the most respected corporate, commercial, and residential collectors in the US, Chandos has access to the most sought-after collections in the world.

“At Chandos Collective and C2 Art Advisors we try to steer our clients towards art that has a defined secondary market because art is an asset. Why can’t it be beautiful and valuable?”

Our Process

Chandos Collective will navigate the entire process from ground-up construction to the finishing touches. Chandos and her team infuse their aesthetic of understated elegance into every project, marrying classic details with modern restraint. Knowing Chandos orchestrates and is intimately involved with each step in the process gives her clients unwavering trust.

“A home is very personal; you spend a majority of your life there, so it should reflect who you are as a person. I like to learn as much about my clients as possible  to help curate a home that is completely tailored to them.”

Full Service
Custom Homes

After two decades working alongside some of the brightest architects and builders, Chandos Collective has honed their capabilities to design from the ground up, with a solid process and a team driven by passion and a natural curiosity. Poised with construction savvy, Chandos and her team layer art-historical references into the architecture phase, maintaining the integrity of the structure while stressing the functional needs of the client’s family and lifestyle.

“We are building houses to stand the test of time aesthetically along with providing the most modern amenities.”