Chandos Collective breathed new life into a 6,000 sq ft family home. The challenge: blending the homeowners’ beloved antique pieces with a youthful take on traditional aesthetic. With her exquisite touch, Chandos transformed this classic home, using its existing charm as a foundation for whimsical elements, custom wallpapers, and impactful lighting. The resulting interiors beautifully weave together the old and the new, making a striking statement in modern traditionalist design.

Chandos Gestured - Formal Living Room
Chandos Gestured - Accented Hallway

Where Antiquity Meets Modernity

Chandos Gestured - Family Room - Deborah Brown Saint Nicholas Garden Art
Chandos Gestured - Antique Console Art
Chandos Gestured - Formal Dining Room China Cabinet


John Alexander

Blue Irises (On My Pond), 1984
Oil on canvas 

Chandos Gestured - Entry - John Alexander Blue Irises (On My Pond), 1984 Oil on canvas
Chandos Gestured - Blue Dining Room

“Gestured stands out as a testament to the timeless beauty of tradition, reimagined.”

– Chandos Dodson Epley


Michelle Prazak

Estabilizacion4, 2019
Oil and acrylic on canvas and jute

Chandos Gestured - Michelle Prazak Estabilizacion 4
Chandos Gestured - Breakfast Dining
Chandos Gestured - Formal Living Room - Dorothy Hood Red that Sings
Chandos Gestured - Formal Living Room Console
Chandos Gestured - Powder Room Detail
Chandos Gestured - Master Bedroom
Chandos Gestured - Guest Room - Shane Tolbert Romance Art
Chandos Gestured Master Closet
Chandos Gestured - Master Bedroom Nightstand
Chandos Gestured Guest Room Full Wallcovering