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Creating a Functional and Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining


Layout, materials and appliances can make or break this exterior room

Warmer weather increases opportunities to entertain outside. so there’s no better season than spring to upgrade an existing setup or plan that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you intend to host elaborate parties for extended family or casual gatherings For a few close friends, layout, materials, and appliances can make or break your cooking experience as well as the meal itself.

“Consider the vision before putting a design in place,” said Mel Bean of Mel Bean Interiors in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “A well-designed outdoor kitchen can serve the needs of both an intimate party and a large group.”

We asked several design pros for their suggestions on how to create a functional and fabulous outdoor kitchen for entertaining. Here’s what they recommended.

Think About Flow

“We like to plan out outdoor kitchens with four zones in mind: prep, cooking, plate and serve and entertaining. There should be an ease of flow from space to space, so you can easily take something from the grill to the counter to the table without having to walk back and forth through the yard.

“We usually do a built-in stainless steel mini fridge as well as a beer and wine cooler. Most appliances that are rated for outdoor use are already waterproofed. Additional cloth covers that help to keep things clean and less dusty are always a plus too.”


Creating a Functional and Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining
Keep flow in mind, from the cooking zone to the entertaining area, as Chandos Interiors did in this outdoor kitchen.
Claudia Casbarian for Julie Soefer Photography